Honky Blues that grooves

Rod is bringing his guitar, bass and percussion skills together with his new solo project. Creating a full, heartfelt and authentic sound that is nothing short of sensational with the aid of talent, ingenuity and hours of work. The idea was born from the need to perform and make music. Nothing he plays is pre-recorded, it's all happening live with plenty of room for musical play and improvisation. Rod is genuinely happy when he gets to share his music with an appreciative audience, and you can really tell he enjoys each exhausting minute of it!

Photo by Begonya Pe

Photo by Begonya Pe

About Rod

Rod Deville is an experienced music performer originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2002 launching his musical career and has been a fixture in the city's music community for over 15 years. An integral part of several blues and jazz projects; Chino & The Big Bet, Sax Attack, S.H.i.N.E, The Acoustic Blues Company (ABC) and others, he has tread stages big and small across Europe and you can find his face and name on the walls of many a musical venue in the fair Catalan capital.

In 2018 he relocated to the Trøndelag region of Norway following his family, and as any true artist he is filled with the need to make, perform and play music no matter where life takes him. He has now  ventured out into uncharted territories with a solo project. Rod is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and he plays the electric and upright bass, drums and the guitar with skill and determination.

He is finding his own sound and it is crisp, clear and groovy - follow his musical journey and new life up in the cold cold north!