A new project for a new place.

Rod Deville started this solo project in 2018 after making the move to Norway with his family. The idea was born from the need to perform and make music. After more than a decade focused on mastering the double bass in other projects he is back with the original love - the guitar.

Guitar pickin’ man

Brushing cobwebs off the vocal cords and taking up the guitar again spurred him on. In every show made that first year he added yet another component to the mix. First it was a simple stomp box to keep a beat, then he hooked the electric bass and guitar onto a looper, next was a snare drum and a bass drum. The fingerpicking guitar man was back and now sounded like a band all on his lonesome.

A storyteller at heart

Rod is a storyteller, a performer that needs to identify with the music he performs, and the stories he tells. This brings a heartfelt quality to his performances that is well matched by the quality of the musical execution. Wanting to get that authentic sound nothing he plays is pre-recorded, it's all happening live with plenty of room for musical play and improvisation. Rod is genuinely happy when he gets to share his music with an appreciative audience, and you can really tell he enjoys each exhausting minute of it!

Antikvariatet, Trondheim, January 2019.

Antikvariatet, Trondheim, January 2019.

El Cafe Rock & Roll, Barcelona, 2019. Photography by  Begonya Pe

El Cafe Rock & Roll, Barcelona, 2019. Photography by Begonya Pe